Plan and Design
We create and design interior spaces based on your current lifestyle, and are thoughtful about your long term needs. We work in a collaborative manner with our clients to determine the best use of space; focusing on the energy, flow, and furniture placement and how these elements influence the overall floor plan.
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Interior Design
Working with our clients, we define and refresh new and existing spaces. Whatever the scope of the work entails, we style and design our clients’ homes or offices to create livable and inspiring spaces for entertaining, working, or making new family memories. Working together, we set the vision for the project, outline the design style, and provide guidance from best practices. We source many items for our clients. Examples include furniture, accessories, artwork, rugs, fabric, paint, lighting, and other unique pieces specific to your space.
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Working with real estate professionals, we style homes to stand out and help provide a vision of what the space could be. Styling is a critical part of marketing your home to get the best return on your investment. Whether it is bringing in furniture, accessories, or working with and rearranging what is currently there, we will make your home an elegant and comfortable place to showcase.
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Space Planning
Together with our clients we design and maximize each individual space. By leveraging creative space solutions without sacrificing lifestyle requirements, we ensure our clients’ needs are met while blending form and function. Décor and furniture must be chosen carefully to incorporate proper scale and proportion.

Color Consulting
Having a thoughtful color palette enhances furnishings, accessories, art, and interior architecture to make a space feel current. Working together with our clients, we identify an overall color palette that will create a holistic approach throughout the space.