Darci Reimund Designs is a full-service design firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects. Our design is reflective of our clients’ lifestyles and needs. We believe that each space should tell a story based on its functionality, while weaving in individual style. Utilizing a mixture of modern, rustic, stylized and traditional pieces with simple, clean lines; Darci Reimund Designs organically blends the lines between form and function, casual and formal that inspires the essence of living and working well.

Design Philosophy

Our goal is to create welcoming interiors that are rich and layered with style. We incorporate classic principles of scale, proportion and quality in each design, and focus on a collaborative approach with our clients. In the end, this helps our clients develop and define their own taste and style. We provide value by encouraging quality and timelessness, ultimately achieving a beautiful, comfortable and functional space.


We are honored that Houzz has recognized us for our dedication to great design and customer service.