At DRD, we design and build remarkable spaces from start to finish that inspire your best life.

A full-service, high-end residential and commercial firm that innovates fresh designs through the discovery of new products, building methods, and materials. We leverage technology to effectively guide and communicate with our clients nationwide. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sun Valley, Idaho.


We believe that architecture is the foundation for a well-designed refuge from an ever-changing world. Your lifestyle, personal taste, and hopes for your space inspire our priorities on every project.


We partner with you to understand your needs and the space’s intended use. We bring your design vision to life through design concepts, detailed elevations and modeling, and floor plans. On a new build, we look to the building’s site and purpose for guidance. For remodels, we consider the existing framework and how it fits into a client’s vision as we propose changes. Working with Green Building codes as a foundation, our team can assist with the start to finish design process that may include conceptual design drawings, architectural plans, structural engineering, interior architecture detailing, floor plans, site planning, cross-sections, and interior and exterior elevations.

Interior Design

Our goal is to create welcoming interiors that inspire people to live life to the fullest. We focus on creating intentional spaces that incorporate classic principles of scale, proportion, and quality that reveal your personality and support your lifestyle needs. Our collaborative process refines the use of space through optimizing traffic flow, use of natural light, and thoughtful floor planning.


Our style is timeless and classic with an edge. Custom designed pieces blended with meticulously selected furniture and decor yields a one-of-a-kind result that is design forward, and stylistically appropriate. Our approach to materials, textures, and color palette often draw upon your project’s natural surroundings. We experiment and push design boundaries with patterns and textures, and weave them into your space. We have an affinity for custom cabinetry, and use it elegantly to solve organizational challenges and bring beauty to your space. We utilize art and accessories as a means to accentuate your personality, and ultimately tie the project together with all of the finishing touches.


We offer you the unique ability to work with us from start to finish; from design conception, through construction, to completion of the interiors because our Chief Creative Officer, Darci Reimund, is a licensed contractor in California and Idaho. We are passionate about building great homes and relationships with our clients. It starts with a solid foundation of trust, quality, and client centric service.


DRD steers building projects in partnership with a team of reliable, efficient, top-of-their-field subcontractors. We continuously discover innovative construction methods through on-going research and marry them with industry best practices, quality, client expectations, cost, and timeliness. Effective communication is the foundation for successful collaboration with our clients. Services include project management, facilitation of inspections, building department collaboration, permitting management, logistics, construction scheduling, Green Building, and Title 24 compliance.


Our goal is to seamlessly merge elements of our design with the natural environment to extend stylistically your living and entertaining spaces to the outdoors. We partner with you to develop a design vision from hardscape framework to the enveloping foliage that softens the edges and invites the natural world in.


We focus on native and drought tolerant plants, locally sourced materials to minimize our carbon footprint, and ensuring adherence to the guidelines of local municipalities. We work with our clients to develop a robust, ongoing annual maintenance plan in partnership with a trusted group of Master Gardeners, landscape installation crews, our landscape architect, local material suppliers, and growers.

concierge services

Homes need ongoing maintenance and we can help track and complete your list of to-do’s. Whether you’ve just completed construction or simply have a never-ending list of tasks, our team will leverage our network of subcontractors to help with tasks like fixing an appliance, installing art, or fixing your landscape lighting.


We also offer home organization services before, during, and after a construction project so you can purge the extras, maintain your sanity through a project, and find the perfect spot for everything after completion.